Troponin I as a Cardiac Marker

Pacharin Rugdech



Troponin I as a Cardiac Marker

Pacharin        Rugdech        BSc(Medical technology), MSc (Microbiology)

Department of Central laboratory, BMA Medical College and Vajira Hospital

Objective:   To study troponin I in the term of cardiac marker by comparing with other cardiac enzymes (AST, LDH. CK and CK-MB).

Study design:    Diagnostic test.

Subjects:     Three groups of samples were collected from patients at BMA Medical College and Vajira Hospital, 15 diagnosed AMI, 20 healthy blood donor subjects, and 6 other various patients from medical ICU.

Methods:   All samples were analysed for cardiac enzymes (AST, LDH, CK, CK-MB) by automatic chemical machine except for troponin I by automatic immunological machine.

Main outcome measures:  Specificity, sensitivity and accuracy of troponin I and other cardiac enzymes in the term of cardiac markers.

 Results:   It was found that all 15 AMI samples have positive troponin I (100% specificity, 100% sensitivity and 100% accuracy) and was not found in other groups.  Whereas AST, LDH, CK, CK-MB were 88.5%, 96.2%, 96.2% 100% specificity, 73.3%, 60%, 80%, 73.3%sinsitivity and 82.9%, 82.9%, 90.2%, 90.2% accuracy respectively.

Conclusion:   Troponin I was the most reliable cardiac marker for diagnosis of AMI comparison with other enzymes.

Key words:   thoponin I, cardiac enzymes, cardiac marker

Vajira Med J 2001 ; 45 : 145 - 149

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