Vol 25, No. 1 January-March 2010


Table of Contents


Editorial Note: Invitation to send Article and Research Full text in Thai
Saipin Kasemkitwatana 5-6


Self Retraining Retractor for Radical Cysto-prostatectomy, Uro-Rama Retractor Full text in Thai
Nicha Piyasoontrawong, Chareon Leenanupunth 7-14
The Development of a Clinical Nursing Practice Guideline for Motivational Enhancement to Change Alcohol Consumption Behavior in Alcohol Dependent Persons Full text in Thai
Salisa Limsirorat, Prapa Yuttatri, Chorthip Santanavanich 15-26

Research Reports

Perception of Nursing Principles among Nurses in Thailand Full text in Thai
Pantip Jormsri, Arewan Klunklin, Ouyporn Tunmukayakul, Wichit Srisuphan 27-37
Development of a quality assurance model for older people’s care assistants Full text in Thai
Siriphan Sasat, Branom Rodcumdee, Tuanjai Pukdeeprom 38-52
The Effects of Diabetic Day Camp Participation on Perceived Full text in Thai
Usa Tussanawin, Teeranut Harnirattisai, Wanpen Pinyopasakul 53-66
The Effect of Education Program Based on Health Belief Model on Prevention Cadmium Exposure among High-Risk Female Students Full text in Thai
Tippawan Chaiwong, Thitiapha Tangkawanich, Chudchawal Jantarawijit 67-76
An Effect of Self-efficacy Enhancement on Foot Care Behaviors in Patients with Diabetes, type 2 Full text in Thai
Sumalee Chuepan 77-87
Factors Affecting Postpartum Women’s Mental Health Full text in Thai
Wanna Kongsuriyanavin, Benjawan Kunrattanaporn, Kitirat Techatraisak 88-99
Spiritual Care for Hospitalized Patients with Chronic Illness Full text in Thai
Uaiporn Pattrapakdikul, Sopen Chunuan, Mallika Sunthornwipat 100-111
Physical Activity among Older persons in Rural Southern Thailand Full text in Thai
Prapaiwan Srimatavorakul, Kanittha Naka, Pranorm Noopetch 112-120

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