Position Variation of Vermiform Appendix in Northeast Thai Cadavers

Kowit Chaisiwamongkol, Thanarat Chantaupalee, Nawaporn Techataweewan, Yanyong Toomsan, Tansita Aranateerakul, Somsuda Teepsawang, Sitthichai Iamsaard, Tuangprat Srikulwong


Background and objective: The acute appendicitis is a common and serious cause of acute abdominal pain. Oftentimes, the surgeons could not find the vermiform appendix in its usual position. A detailed study of variation positions of the vermiform appendix is necessary for an appropriate treatment.  The data could also contribute to the collection of the world such as the World Health Organization from a population of the Northeast Thailand. This study aims to study and accumulate the gross anatomical data on position variation of the vermiform appendix in the Northeast Thailand cadavers.  The incidence and morphometry of the structure were established.

Design: A detailed dissection is the descriptive study.

Materials and Methods: A total number of 102 cadavers donated by the Northeast Thailand population were carefully dissected. The identification of the urinform appendix site was done by following the three teniae coli caudally to its base where the three muscular lands meet to form a complete longitudinal, smooth muscular tube. The length was measured using the venire caliper and the percentage was calculated.

Results: Among 102 specimens, the most common type of vermiform appendix is the post-ileal at 37.25% while the least common (called the pre-ileal and paracecal types) is at 3%.  The approrimate length of 6 cm is the most frequent group. The average length + SD of both genders is 6.127 + 2.028 cm.

Conclusion: This study  discovered that the most common type of position variation of vermiform appendix is the post-ileal type at 37.25%. The average length in male and female cadavers are 6.329 + 2.012 cm. and 5.688 + 2.023 cm., respectively.

Keywords: cecum, gut rotation, rotation axis, vermiform appendix, position variation, morphometry,  mesoappendix, teniae coli, situs inversus

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