The Effect of Using Multimedia on Expectation and Satisfaction with the Teaching-Learning Approach in Operating Rooms among Nursing Students

Kieratikan Payngulume, Sriwiengkaew Tengkiattrakul


Abstract:  Keywords:  Multimedia for learning, ExPARS model, Expectation, Satisfaction,Operating rooms, Nursing studentsThis quasi-experimental study aimed to compare the expectation and

satisfaction of students toward using multimedia for learning in the operating room. A

total of 60 third-year nursing students in academic year 2005 were recruited in the

study. They were assigned into two groups: the control group receiving conventional

lecture and demonstration for learning, while the experimental group receiving

multimedia tools for learning using the ExPARS model (Exploring needs, Planning,

Activity, Reflecting, and Synthesizing). Data were collected from May 2005 to

February 2006 using the Expectation and Satisfaction toward Learning Model in

Operating Room Questionnaires. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and

independent t-test statistics. Results revealed that expectation with learning for both

overall and subscale scores between the experimental group and the control group was

not significantly different. However, satisfaction with learning for both overall and

subscale scores in the experimental group was significantly higher than that in the

control group. The suggestion from this study is that nurse instructors in the operating

room should pay more attention to establish strategies to improve nursing students’

learning by using educational technology to support effective learning. This may solve

the problem of having insufficient learning experiences in the operating room, while

the number of nursing students is creasing with a limited resource.

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