The use of enamel matrix derivative in periodontal therpay

Warraporn Suwannarong, Teerapong Pongparith, Teerapong Pongparith


Enamel matrix proteins secreted by Hertwig's epithelial root sheath play an important role in cemetogenesis on root and the development of the periodontal attachment apparatus.Enamel matrix harvested from developing porcine teeth is called enamel matrix derivative (EMD). The EMD was introduced in the periodontal literature in 1997 as a tissue-healing modulator to mimic events that occur during root development and periodontal regeneration.This article reviews the role of enamel matrix proteins in cementogenesis and EMD guided periodontal regeneration.Clinical and histological studies are also presented.

Key words : Enamel matrix proteins / enamel matrix derivative / periodontal tissue regeneration

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