Using the Role Model to Improve the Perception on the Preventive Behavior for Pregnancy in Teenager During High School Period at Banphue District Udonthani Province

Sopida Totid, Sukanya Leetongdee, Smit Prasannakarn


This quasi-experimental research intended to investigate the effect of using the role model to prevent teenage pregnancy while stil attending the high school. The research design was comprised by the relationship building using the group discussion, sharing experience by the role model to reflex the relevant problem, ask and answer, althernative problem solving, follow up an evaluation. Participants were selected in two groups of 35 teenagers each by random sampling. One was the experimental the other the control group. Quantitative data were collected by means of a questionnaire. Statistical methods applied for comparing the results obtained from the two groups were the independent t-test, and the paired t-test at a significant level of p-value<0.05. The experimental group achieved higher perception on the preventive behavior for pregnancy mean score than those the control group (p-value<0.05). In conclusion, Using of role model for the experience exchange in topic effects of physical, mental, family, economic and social activities improved the perception of preventive behavior. Result showed that using the role model can change behavior in teenager during the high school period better.

Keyword: Using the Role Model; Pregnancy in Teenager; Perception on the Preventive Behavior

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