Occurrence and Distribution of Dengue in Banphaeo District, Samutsakorn Province: A 5-years retrospective case study (B.E. 2552-2556)

Nitikorn Phoosuwan, Paritra Seepako


This study was a retrospective descriptive study aimed to explore the situation for Dengue diseases in Banphaeo district, Samutsakorn province between the years B.E.2552-2556. Data were derived from recording forms of 1,545 patients. It was found that dengue morbidity rate was between 114.95-621.82 per 100,000 populations with a peak in in the year B.E.2554 and the lowest rate in the year B.E.2556. It seemed that the outbreak of the disease followed a certain cycle in that after a high incidence for one year was followed by two years with only very few cases. Male and female ratio was 1:0.87. Trend for age was higher. The median age were 18-21 years old. The mode age were 11-14 years old. The highest proportion of those infected were students followed by workers. DHF and DF ratio were 1:0.59-1.03. The peak of infection occurred between February to April and August to November. Most of the participants were diagnosis as suffering from dengue fever. The study suggests that prevention in male should be of major concern first and the primary target for prevention should be at schools.

Keyword: Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, Situation, Epidemiology

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