Experience the Difference Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene

พีรวัฒน์ ตระกูลทวีสุข, พรพรรณ สกุลคู, กนลา ชาญวิรัตน์


Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene are closely connected and inseparable, and support each other. Basically Occupation Medicine is a branch of preventive medicine which is a medical science. It focuses on health care for the employees from the threats and risks to their health as a result of the implication of work and the environment in the workplace. Industrial hygiene is a branch of engineering which is concerned about the working environment and wants it to be safe and secure. Both Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene will work together to achieve the objective of having a safe and healthy working environment. Although each branch has different working processes and different professionals, they are closely linked to work successfully. Employee will be healthy and happy at the work place and that will increase productivity and product quality.

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