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Vol. 8 No. 1 January - March, 2015

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Special Article

Experience the Difference Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene Download in PDF
พีรวัฒน์ ตระกูลทวีสุข, พรพรรณ สกุลคู, กนลา ชาญวิรัตน์

Original Articles

Factors Related with Quality of Life among Tuberculosis Patients, Buadang-Pakdee-Somboon Health Network, Chaiyaphum Province Download in PDF
Ratchaneekorn Phata, Pornnapa Suggaravetsiri
Occurrence and Distribution of Dengue in Banphaeo District, Samutsakorn Province: A 5-years retrospective case study (B.E. 2552-2556) Download in PDF
Nitikorn Phoosuwan, Paritra Seepako
Effects of the Program for Behavioral Modification to Decrease Soft Drinks and Snacks Consumption of Primary Students in Nakhonratchasima Primary Educational Service Area Download in PDF
Matsee Junnoi, Virat Pansila, Teerayuth Udomporn
Health Care Model for Woven Mats Workers in Ban Nongkham, Kantarawichai District, Mahasarakham Province Download in PDF
Jaruwan Viroj, Chaiyong Khamrat, Jindawan Wiboonuthai
District Health System Management to Improve the Quality of Maternal and Child Health from Kapho District in Pattani Province, Thailand Download in PDF
Decha Sae-Lee, Bang-on Thepthien, Supattra Srivanichakorn
Using the Role Model to Improve the Perception on the Preventive Behavior for Pregnancy in Teenager During High School Period at Banphue District Udonthani Province Download in PDF
Sopida Totid, Sukanya Leetongdee, Smit Prasannakarn
The Development of Surveillance Systems to Prevent and Control Dengue at Pa Kho Subdistrict, Kut Chap District, Udonthani Province Download in PDF
Pontida Sriboonruang, Krajang Talabnin, Wanlapa Sriboonpimsuay

Original Preparation

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