Accuracy of RIPASA and Modified RIPASA score Comparing with Alvarado Score for Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis and Complication of Acute Appendicitis

Witoo Klabtawee, Wipawee Saensak, Ajjana Khetsoongnern, Thammasorn Piriyasupong


Many score such as Alvarado score and RIPASA score have been invented for the early diagnosis of acute
This was a cross—sectiona| diagnostic study in people with preliminary diagnosis of acute appendicitis at
Khon Kaen Hospital during 2010. The item for both Alvarado and RIPASA score was collected on the
admission and calculated for the accuracy comparing with operative findings
There were 110 participants with the definite diagnosis of acute appendicitis 41 people. its complications 53
people and other disease 16 people. Alvarado score had higher accuracy for diagnosis of acute
appendicitls and its complication than RIPASA and Modified RIPASA score with the best cut off point equal
to eight for diagnosisof acute appendicitis (sensitivity 62.2%, specificity 66.7, positive likelihood ratio 1.38) and
nine for diagnosis of its complication (sensitivity 45.1%, specificity 80%. positive likelihood ratio 2.25).
Moreover, it found that being male, with guarding. raised in temperature, WBC count and neutrophil count
were associated with complications of acute appendicitis
Alvarado score had higher accuracy compared with RIPASA and Modified RIPASA score

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