Vol.14 No.3 September – December 2016


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Editorial Board

Editorial board FULL TEXT IN THAI
Vichai Chokevivat

Editor's Note

Vichai Chokevivat 229-230

Special Articles

Legislative Reform of Kratom for Well-Being and Thai Traditional Medicine Knowledge FULL TEXT IN THAI
Paisan Limstit 231-241

Review Article

Kratom: herbal medicine or narcotic drug FULL TEXT IN THAI
Duangkaew Panyaphu, Sumethee Namkeard, Nitapa InchaiKulsiri, Kulsiri Yossathera 242-256
Anxiolytic Effects of Some Herbal Medicines: Evidence from Animals Studies and the Possibility of Implementation to Clinical Use FULL TEXT IN THAI
Oraphan Wanakhachornkrai Wanakhachornkrai, Aree Wanasuntronwong 257-273

Original Article

Traditional Uses of Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa Korth ) among Folk Healers in Southern Thailand FULL TEXT IN THAI
Thanat Nakaphan, Monthaka Teerachaisakul, Siriporn Puttum, Kwanroen Sompimai, Preecha Nootim 247-285
Antifungal activity of ethanolic extracts from the rhizomes of Zingiberaceae plants FULL TEXT IN THAI
Patamaporn Pruksakorn, Kanjarat Settasupana, Nanthawan Mekha, Rinrapas Autthateinchai, Panadda Dhepakson, Angkana Herunsalee 286-295
Readiness of Thai Traditional Medicine Services at Tambon Health Promoting Hospital in Lopburi Province, Thailand FULL TEXT IN THAI
Sukanya Khumpo, Chanin Chareonkul, Peerapon Rattana, Krisana Sirivibulyakiti 296-312
Alternative to the Thai Herbal Pharmacopoeia Method for Quality Control of Andrographis Capsules FULL TEXT IN THAI
Triporn Wattananat, Supanee Duangteraprecha, Jiranuch Jamtaweekul, Prapapun Sukphan 313-324
Herbal Hot Pack Development using Microwave Oven FULL TEXT IN THAI
Pattamavadee Parasin, Ajchamon Thammachai, Puttipong Poncumhak, Weerasak Tapanya 325-333


Monograph of Selected Thai Material Medica: KOT KRADUK FULL TEXT IN THAI
of Monographs Subcommittee on the Preparation of Selected Thai Materia Medica 334-337
Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese-Thai-English)(11) FULL TEXT IN THAI
Wilawan Juengprasert Juengprasert, Tasnee Hasanine, Yenchit Techadamrongsin 338-344


Obituary: Phromma Saengchomphoo FULL TEXT IN THAI
Phromma Saengchomphoo 345-346

Journal Club

Thongchai Sooksawate, Rutchanee Chantraket 347-349


Authors Index vol. 14 FULL TEXT IN THAI
Journal of Thai Traditional & Alternativ Medicine Journal 350-357

Instructions to Authors

Instructions to Authors FULL TEXT IN THAI
board Editorial 358-364

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