Development of financial service management system of Office of Disease Prevention and Control 6th Khon Kaen .

Prajob Sriwong, Wilaiwan Yokhun, Sanya Jaikong, Sitthiporn Namma


The objectives of this study was: to develop the financial service system of the Office of Disease Prevention and Control 6 Khon Kaen (ODPC6 ). The operation  research was applied. The study population was 162 health personnels of ODPC6. The research process  composed of 3 stages including : 1)  situation analysis and defind the gap of financial  service system problem of ODPC6.  2) to develop and improve the system of financial  service of ODPC6. and 3) to evaluate satisfaction levels of the system  in government service. The research  study was conducted between October 2014 and September 2015. The research instruments were : questionnaires and the group discussion  recorded form. The data were analyzed by descriptive  statistics and content analysis. The research findings as follows. 

          1) situation system analysis found that the financial system in ODPC6  lack of standard operating procedure.

          2) To develop the  system of financial service a standard operating procedure was set up from group discussion and practice.

          3)  The satisfaction  levels of the financial system in government service  was ranked  at the highest levels.

          The quality improvement should be done in the setting of  total quality management for mindfulness and awareness of health personnel. The standard operating procedure is the  key process to support the organization system.

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