Knowledge attitude and behavior in prevention control of communicable diseases between individualized instruction by principles of environmental education and teaching large groups

Mila Issarasongkhram, Thassanee Boonprakong, Kasem Chunkao


The objective of this study was to make a comparison between  knowledge  attitude and behavior prevention control of communicable diseases during  who have been  taught  individually  by principles of environmental education  and  those taught  in large lecture group. The sample  are  2 child development center preschool in Saphan sung district, Bangkok. Thiry three  child caregivers  of experimental group used teaching individual model. Thirty -foue child caregivers  of comparison group used teaching a big group model .  The duration of  6 weeks  and   4 weeks to  follow up.

                The finding showed, the experimental group  had   averages of knowledge, attitude, behavior and health  behavior management  increased was  statistically significant ( p-value <0.001) but  behavioral care environment was statistically significant (p-value = 0.064).

         If compared the results between groups found that the experimental group had an average knowledge, attitude, behavior of  health  and behavior environment than the control group was statistically significant (p-value <0.05) except the experimental group had behavior management in  fallow up  than the comparison group  without   statistical significance (p-value = 0.185).  The findings showed  the organization   must  training courses prevention and control of communicable diseases for child caregivers who without  basic knowledge of the environment and public health. They should provide  teaching to  individual had achievement rather than a   teaching big  group  model because    child caregivers  have differences of seniority, qualifications and   intelligent. So  behavioral learning different  based on the potential of the individual.

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