The integrated detection – interception of communicable disease across the country by Chiang Mai InternationalAirportQuarantine Station

Weeraphong Pongchanta, Adulsak Wijit


International Health Regulations 2005 (B.E. 2548) has given the point of entry requirements to develop the capacity in compliance with the regulations and to evaluate the development in accordance with World Health Organization. This study was part of the requirements of Health Regulations, operated in the fiscal year 2015 (B.E. 2558), purposing to develop disease surveillance and detection – interception in the integrated network at the point of entry in Chiang Mai International Airport. A study of the integrated network consisted of four strategies including: 1) Strengthening the relationship and cooperation with the agency network; 2) Developing the integrated network, the surveillance, detection – interception, and cross-country screening; 3) Integrating cognitive development agency network and 4) The development of international infectious disease surveillance proactively.

The study found that the integration by Chiang Mai Airport Quarantine Station as the central development of all network sectors of the working group who have developed the point of entry have participated in the integration. The action reflected the image of collaborative support and systematic integration. The procedures included as follows: the command control of the emergency response system for public health, the process of communication and the screening. Integration of knowledge in the network group to gain knowledge and skill to protect selves from the disease is the main topic of the study which means the collaboration between agencies and harmony. Senior executives in all sectors give priority and support the creation of an effective screening system, resulting in the success of cross-country-spreading disease prevention. According to the screening of the visitors into the country amounting 920,226 people, none was confined to forward the report.

                For the main self-assessment in overall, the average score is 92 %and of internal audit by the Office of Disease Prevention and Control 1 Chiang Mai is 97.92%. The overall satisfaction levels of the evaluation from the sample group of the working network group amounting 50 people is 96.5 % or in the high level ( = 4.4, SD. = 0.51).

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