Iodine deficiency prevention in pregnant women, Namsom District,Udonthani Province, 2011

Pramot Martsuri


     This cross sectional research aimed to identify the pregnant women’s preventive behaviors in iodine

deficiency; Namsom District, Udonthani Province. The 108 of pregnant women as the respondents were selected

by systematic random sampling to interview with the questionnaire constructed by the researcher which the

validity and the reliability were accepted (coefficient alpha of Cronbach = 0.86). Descriptive statistics were used to

describe demographic characteristics, knowledge, health belief, perception of information and the preventive behaviors

in iodine consuming.

       The results were shown that: average age was 25.34 years old (S.D. = 6.76), 61.10 % were farmers

and 38.90% finished secondary school. Their average income was 11,976.85 baths/month (S.D. = 8,526.31).

The average gestational age at the first prenatal care was 10.03 weeks (S.D. = 4.59) and average numbers of

prenatal care of 5.83 times (S.D. = 2.98). Moreover, 81.40 % of them have been pregnant less than 2 times.

Additionally, it was found that the percentage of knowledge and preventive behaviors at high level were 58.30

and 56.48. More than three/fourth had moderate level of overall health belief in the issues. Furthermore; the

percentage perceived at high levels; benefits of prevention, severity of the disease and risks of getting the disease

were 91.67, 54.63 and 51.85 respectively. However, the percentage at the low level of perception; obstacles

of preventive behaviors and received information on iodine deficiency were 74.07 and 55.56.


From results, revealed the pregnant women’s practices and beliefs in order to prevent iodine deficiency

at Namsom District, Udonthani Province. Additionally, it can be promoted the pregnant women to receive the

required iodine suitably by giving the knowledge through main Medias; televisions, newspapers, village health

volunteers and broadcasting towers in each village, additionally to promote their good understandings and to

decrease false beliefs so as to decrease iodine deficiency in the pregnant women well.

Keywords: Prevention, Iodine deficiency, Pregnant



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