Double Teeth in Primary Dentition: A Case Report

Malai Satthachai, Suwannee Tuongratanaphan


Dental anomalies of number and form may occur in the primary and permanent dentitions. Double teeth are an anomaly that is seen more frequently in the primary than the permanent dentition. The prevalence of double teeth in primary dentition ranges from 0.1% to 1.6%.  Although anomalies in primary teeth are considered harmless, they could cause a high proportion of anomalies in succedaneous permanent teeth.  Therefore, clinical and radiographic examinations which lead to a correct diagnosis are very important to a dentist to provide patients proper treatment.This article presents two cases of double teeth (in two biological siblings) involving maxillary primary central and lateral incisors along with a review of the literature.

Keywords : dental anomalies, primary dentition, double teeth, effect on succedaneous permanent dentition