Lifestyles of Grandparents, main caregiver, related to Oral health of Children age 1-3 years Baan Lao, Bann Phang District, Khon Kaen Province

Songvuth Tuongratanaphan, Sujittra Chata


The objective of this research was to study the lifestyle of the grandparents, main caregiver,  who had the relationship with the oral health of the 1-3 years-old children. The researchers used the descriptive research by gathering the information with indepth interview and participatory observation  from 9 families which had grandparents as the main raiser for the 1-3 years-old children in the area of Baan Lao Sub-district, Baan Phang District, Khon Kaen Province.

            The research result showed that the social condition was changed from the agricultural lifestyle to be the industrial lifestyle which affected the lifestyle of people. The duty was changed in the family. In the old time, a mother took care of her child. In this time, a mother had to work outside, so she left her child with the grandparents to take care. Therefore, the researchers found that the grandmothers had the important role to take care and teach children with or without the advice from the parents depending on the life criteria of each family. The grandmothers decided the taking care style. The taking care style was from the raiser was aware that there were some differences from the past because of the economic situation. When the mother went to work, the grandmother was pity with her grandchildren. Consequently, the grandmother took care of her grandchildren very well different from her children. Giving the dessert was one form of taking care because of she was pity on her grandchildren. The raiser knew that now the children had more development than before. Brushing their own teeth was admired by their grandmothers. The grandmother understood that it should be better to brush their grandchildren’s teeth after there were many teeth or when their grandchildren were at 2 years old. They thought that if their grandchildren still had a few teeth wiping the teeth was clean enough. Also, only drinking milk was not able to cause the decay of the teeth. In addition, the grandchildren made their own decision to brush their own teeth because they wanted to brush their teeth as same as their older brothers or sisters did. The grandmothers did not decide about their grandchildren’s first teeth brushing. In addition, the former lifestyles of the grandmothers were agricultural and they took care their children at the rice field, brought the food from the nature, and there were fewer groceries to sell the dessert and snack. Therefore, there were less tooth decays even though the children did not brush their teeth. As a result, the grandmothers did not think that brushing the teeth was important. Also, this study found that the grandmothers at this age raising their grandchildren without knowing how to raise the grandchildren from the television, and document, because most of the time of the grandmothers was gone with raising their grandchildren. Therefore, if someone wants to encourage the good oral health of the young child, he/she should consider the criteria of the grandparents’ lifestyles to increase the opportunity to be able to manage the time for taking care of the children’s health.


Keywords: the lifestyles of the grandparents, the oral health of the 1-3 years-old child