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Vol.33 No.3 September-December 2016

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note

บรรณาธิการแถลง full text in thai
โกษา สุดหอม 269


Precision Medicine- What’s in a name? full text in thai
Somchai Bovornkitti 270

Research Articles

In Vitro Study of Low Concentrations of D Mannose Interferences on Blood Glucose Testing by Glucose Meters full text in thai
Kanchanok Wittayapornpong, Wanvisa Treebuphachatsakul 272
Satisfaction towards Salt Herbal Compress Ball full text in thai
Kitisak Rujiganjanarat 282
Outcomes of Posterior Lens Dislocation Patients After Pars Plana Vitrectomy Combined with Pars Plana Lensectomy full text in thai
Chidchanok Rungrattanaubol 289
Fungal Skin Infection in Prisoners full text in thai
Pongsak Ratsamana, Wiroj Wannapira 295
Factors Influencing Sexual Behavior Among Students in One Higher Educational Institution full text in thai
Matthee Sootthasil, Thassaporn Chusak, Natnapa Sasang 304
Application of Search Out Severity (SOS) Score for Identification of Deteriorating Patients in General Wards full text in thai
Ratapum Champunot, Somboon Tansuphaswasdikul, Nataya Kamsawang, Panya Tuandoung, Duangrat Thimsri 313
A Development of Promotion Strategiesfor Patient Safety Culture in Operating Room full text in thai
somporn jedsadayanmata 326
The Effect of A Problem-Solving Program Therapy On Patients With Generalized Anxiety Disorder full text in thai
Sukanya Sootthasil, Rangsiman Soonthornchaiya, Sararud Wutthiarpha 337
Prediction of Microelement Intake: A Case Study of Fluoride from Tap Water Consumption full text in thai
Suton Pengkhum 347
The Development of a Model for Nosocomial Sepsis Prevention in Medical Intensive Care Unit full text in thai
Sanong Subsaion, Sangdao Sangchai, Ormjai Pulsawat, Tanyaluk Wangjaroenwet 359

Case Report

First Case of Mandibular Reconstruction with Fibula Free Flap in Buddhachinaraj Phitsanulok Hospital full text in thai
Nicha Yosvilai, Montita Phloingam 370

Special Article

Solving Flooding in Phitsanulok Province: Bangrakam Model full text in thai
Preecha Ruangjan 377
Asbestos in ASEAN Countries full text in thai
Somchai Bovornkitti 385


Prenatal Genetic Testing full text in thai
Manop Pithukpakorn, Somchai Bovornkitti 390
Drug for Treating Everything full text in thai
สมชัย เจียรนัยศิลป์, ดิสกุล สงวนตระกูล, เกรียงไกร สถิรพงษ์สุทธิ 393
Double Standard กับ Double Standards full text in thai
Somchai Bovornkitti 394
The First Case Report in Thailand? full text in thai
Sarawut Kongkarnka, Amnat Yousukh 396

Letter to the Editor

ทารกแรกเกิดและทารกแรกคลอด full text in thai


ดัชนีชื่อเรื่อง full text in thai
Subject Index full text in thai
ดัชนีผู้แต่ง full text in thai
Author Index full text in thai
ดัชนีหัวเรื่อง full text in thai
Subject Heading Index full text in thai


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